Karelia Republic

Blazons of Karelia Republic Towns

Coat of arms of Karelia Republic was instituted on October 25, 1993.

Traditional Karelia Blazon Traditional Karelia Blazon. 1562.

Ukhta Republic

Ukhta Republic. March 19, 1920 - 1922; 1941 - 1944.

Petrozavodsk Petrozavodsk (old blazon). Instituted on August 16, 1781.

Petrozavodsk Petrozavodsk (new blazon). Instituted on April 19, 1991.

Author of new coat of arms of Petrozavodsk is the artist Oleg Chumak.

Belomorsk Belomorsk

Hiitola Hiitola (finnish blazon)

Jaakkima Jaakkima (finnish blazon)

Kem Kem. Instituted on October 4, 1788.

Kondopoga Kondopoga

Kostomuksha Kostomuksha. Instituted on November 2, 1993.

The author of blazon is the artist A.V. Titov.

Kurkieki Kurkieki (finnish blazon)

Lakhdenpokhya Lakhdenpokhya

Loukhi Loukhi. Instituted on October 29, 1999.

Medvezhiegorsk Medvezhiegorsk

Muezersky Muezersky

Olonets (Olonetsk) Olonets (Olonetsk). Instituted on August 16, 1781.

Padany (Podonsky Pogost) Padany (Podonsky Pogost). Instituted on August 16, 1781.

Pitkyaranta Pitkyaranta

Povenets Povenets. Instituted on October 4, 1788.

Pudozh Pudozh. Instituted on October 4, 1788.

Salmi Salmi (finnish blazon)

Segezha Segezha. Instituted in February, 2000.

Sortavala (Serdobol) Sortavala (Serdobol) (old blazon)

Sortavala (Serdobol) Sortavala (Serdobol) (new blazon). Instituted on October 4, 1788.

In 1632 Swedes founded Sordavalla town on shore of Lappajarvi bay. The official document of town foundation dates back to 1646. The lands around a town consolidated in a county of the Banners. In 1657 Sordavalla was raised to county's town house but in 1681 county was liquidated. Sordavalla town's emblem was based on the Banners' family emblem.

According to Nischtad Peace Treaty of 1721 a town passed into Russia and was renamed to Serdobol. In 1783 by decree of Katharine II Serdobol became chief town of a district in Vyborg province and in 1811 together with whole province belonged to the Finnish Grand Duchy.

After declaration of independence of Finland a town was renamed to Sortavala. As a result of the Winter War under the treaty of March 12th, 1940, Sortavala passed into USSR. On the 15th of August, 1941, Sortavala was occupied by Finnish troops. Under the treaty of September 19, 1944, Sortavala again is on USSR territory.

("History of Sortavala" by Andrew Heninen)

Suoyarvi Suoyarvi (finnish blazon)

Vyartsilya Vyartsilya

Kalmykia Republic Komi Republic

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