Komi Republic

Blazons of Komi Republic Towns

Coat of arms of Komi Republic was instituted on June 6, 1994.

Syktyvkar (Ust-Sysolsk)

Syktyvkar (Ust-Sysolsk) (old blazon). Instituted on October 2, 1781.


Syktyvkar (new blazon). Instituted on January 1, 1994.

Inta Inta. Instituted on March 23, 1982.

The author of Inta blazon is Arif Ali Ogly Bairamov. On the blazon the city water-tower constructed by the repressed architect project is represented.

Ukhta Ukhta

Usinsk Usinsk

The author of blazon of Usinsk is P.V. Karpov.

Vorkuta Vorkuta (old blazon). Instituted on April 20, 1971.

The author of old Vorkuta blazon is Nikolay Lukyanovich Zhilin.

Vorkuta Vorkuta (new blazon)

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