Murmansk Oblast

Blazons of Murmansk Oblast Towns

Coat of arms of Murmansk Oblast was instituted on June 6, 2004. The description of the arms: "In the upper smaller part, in a azure field, northern lights (Aurora Borealis). In the lower larger part, in a red field, a golden anchor, a silver stone hammer and a silver sword are crossed". The author of the image is Peter Abarin.

Murmansk Murmansk. Instituted on October 5, 2000.

Apatity Apatity. Instituted on October 5, 1973.

The author of Apatity blazon is Nikolay Vladimirovich Vladimirov.

Kandalaksha Kandalaksha. Instituted on October 22, 1971.

Kirovsk Kirovsk. Instituted on November 14, 1969.

The authors of Kirovsk blazon are the artists Viktor Semenovich Noskovich and Igor Nikitovich Strukov.

Kola Kola (old blazon). Instituted on October 2, 1781.

Kola Kola (new blazon)

Kovdor Kovdor

Kuvshinskaya Salma Kuvshinskaya Salma

The emblem project were created in October, 1995, by Vladimir Vladimirovich Ivanov and Yury Vladimirovich Rubtsov.

Lovozero Lovozero. Instituted on April 28, 1989.

The author of Lovozero blazon is V.A. Belov.

Monchegorsk Monchegorsk (old blazon). Instituted in 1987.

Monchegorsk Monchegorsk (new blazon). Instituted in 1997.

Olenegorsk Olenegorsk (old blazon)

Olenegorsk Olenegorsk (new blazon). Instituted on March 18, 2003.

Pechenga Pechenga

Polyarny Polyarny. Instituted in March, 1990.

The author of Polyarny blazon is Igor Dmitrievich Rozhkov.

Polyarny Zori Polyarny Zori. Instituted in March, 1995.

The authors of Polyarny Zori blazon are Igor Alexandrovich Grustnev and Konstantin Fedorovich Mochenov.

Revda Revda. Instituted on May 15, 1992.

The author of Revda blazon is Alexandr Borisovich Khrustalyov.

Polyarny Zori Roslyakovo. Instituted on December 25, 1990.

The author of Roslyakovo blazon is Alexander Borisovich Khrustalev.

Severomorsk Severomorsk (old blazon). Instituted in 1966.

First blazon of Severomorsk was created by V.Y. Notes.

Severomorsk Severomorsk (new blazon). Instituted in 1998.

Skalisty Skalisty. Instituted on May 11, 1995.

The author of Skalisty blazon is Yury Vladimirovich Rubtsov.

Snezhnogorsk Snezhnogorsk. Instituted on December 24, 1992.

Before 1994 Snezhnogorsk had a status of "closed" (secret) city, and its name was Murmansk-60 (Vyuzhny). The author of Snezhnogorsk blazon is Yury Vladimirovich Rubtsov.

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