Jewish Autonomous Oblast

Blazons of Jewish Autonomous Oblast Towns

The description of the arms of Jewish Autonomous Oblast: "The Coat of Arms of Jewish Autonomous Oblast represents a heraldic French shield (ratio of width to height of 8:9) aquamarine colours, at upper and bottom of which the narrow horizontal strips consisting of white, light-blue and white strips, equal among themselves on width making 1/50 heights of the arms, and symbolizing rivers Bira and Bidzhan are located. In center of the arms the gold ussurian tiger with black stripes according to natural colouring is represented. The figure of a tiger is turned to the right from the spectator, that specifies a unusual history and original path of development of Oblast".

Birobidzhan Birobidzhan

Voronezh Oblast Zabaikalsky (Trans-Baikal) Territory

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