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02/01/2009. Blazon of Mendeleevsky Rayon (Tatarstan Republic) was added. (Thanks to administration of the site www.mendeleevsk.ru)

10/09/2008. New blazon of Kuibyshev (Novosibirsk Oblast) was added.

03/04/2008. New blazon of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Kamchatka Territory) was added.

16/08/2007. Blazon of Novozybkov (Bryznsk Oblast) was added.

02/03/2007. Blazons of Lezhnevsky Rayon and Verkhnelandekhovsky Rayon (Ivanovo Oblast) were added.

24/01/2007. New blazon of Mari El Republic was added.

27/11/2006. New blazon of Nizhnyaya Tura (Sverdlovsk Oblast) was added.

28/09/2006. New blazons of Dubna (Moscow Oblast) and Tyumen (Tyumen Oblast) were added. (Thanks to Alexey Goncharuk)

15/08/2006. Blazon of Pervomaisk (Nizhny Novgorod Oblast) was added.

20/06/2006. Blazon of Furmanovsky Rayon (Ivanovo Oblast) was added. (Thanks to Mikhail Revnivtsev)

18/04/2006. Blazon of Temryuk (Kradnodar Territory) was added.

09/03/2006. New blazon of Anadyr (Chukotka Autonomous Okrug) was added.

11/01/2006. New blazon of Armavir (Kradnodar Territory) was added.

25/10/2005. New blazons of Kurgan (Kurgan Oblast) and Nerekhta (Kostroma Oblast) were added. (Thanks to Natalia Eremina)

14/09/2005. Blazon of Andropovsky Rayon (Stavropol Territory) was added.

13/07/2005. Blazon of Partizansk (Primorsky Territory) was added. (Thanks to Irina)

04/07/2005. Blazons of Voronezh Oblast and Norilsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) were added.

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